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  • The Stolen Generation Children

    09 January 2013 ( #The Great Australian Silence )

    This week, we've listened to the presentations everyone had prepared on the "Stolen Generation" children and made notes (cf links). These presentations helped us understand how traumatic their experiences were and how deeply these children were bound...

  • Introduction to India

    10 February 2013 ( #India on the move )

    Last week, we continued to study India with 4 different texts. We were separated into 4 groups and had to introduce each document. The first one was about Hinduism. We learnt that it is the oldest religion in the world. However, Hinduism is different...

  • Quick recap for your final exam

    04 February 2013 ( #Final exam )

    Here is a list of the documents we've studied so far over our first two sequences to help you prepare your sets of documents for your final exam... - NOTIONS AND DOCS.odt

  • The Stolen Generation

    15 December 2012 ( #The Great Australian Silence )

    This week we've only met on Thursday and Friday since our teacher was absent on Monday. On Thursday, we spent half on hour with our assistant working on a poem and half an hour with our teacher correcting our tests on Australian history. On Friday, we...

  • "Away from home" (2)

    09 December 2012 ( #The Great Australian Silence )

    This week, we've only met on Monday and Thursday as we went to Caen on Friday to get some information for our studies. On Monday, we commented on a painting of the first fleet which particularly emphasizes the invasion of the British and one might even...

  • The Dreaming and the first fleet

    25 November 2012 ( #The Great Australian Silence )

    This week we worked on Australia. On Monday we corrected the webquest about the "Dreaming" and the history of Australia between 1770 and 1970. The "Dreaming" is the period of the creation of the Australian continent. Then we continued to watch the documentary's...

  • Step 1 - Introduction to South Africa

    29 October 2012 ( #The Rainbow Nation )

    Over our first sessions, we did various activities to try and learn as much as possible on the history of South Africa. First, we worked on a map of the African continent and we were surprised to find out that there were so many Commonwealth countries...

  • The Rainbow Nation - Final Task

    30 October 2012 ( #The Rainbow Nation )

    Here is the assessment grid for your final task. Good luck! - S1 the rainbow nation TF.odt And to help you prepare for your audio report, here is a list of useful vocabulary dealing with segregation. - S1 the rainbow nation vocab.odt

  • Weeping

    29 October 2012 ( #The Rainbow Nation )

    In the middle of our second part on South Africa under Apartheid, we watched and studied the lyrics and video of the song Weeping which was released by the white band Bright Blue in 1987, that is right in the middle of the State of Emergency years. Before...

  • The Color of Freedom

    29 October 2012 ( #The Rainbow Nation )

    To finish the second part of our sequence on South Africa under Apartheid, we studied the poster and trailer of the film "The Color of Freedom". Based on a true story, the film relates the 27 years of Mandela's imprisonment and the bond which developped...

  • Today's South Africa

    29 October 2012 ( #The Rainbow Nation )

    Over our last sessions on South Africa, we watched and studied the South African national anthem video and then had a look at various documents on South Africa now. The first one was composed of two pictures of the same beach, one of the pictures had...

  • Step 3 - South Africa after Apartheid

    29 October 2012 ( #The Rainbow Nation )

    We finished our sequence by studying the end of Apartheid and life in South Africa afterwards. We first watched the 1990 BBC news report on the release of Mandela. The report is mostly based on extracts from Mandela's press conference when released and...

  • "Away from Home"

    01 December 2012 ( #The Great Australian Silence )

    This week we continued to work on Australia. On Monday, we started to work on a text about our sequence : "Away from home" . The text is an extract from a novel by Doris Pilkington which name is Rabbit-Proof Fence. We found out that the writer is an Aborigine...

  • The Rainbow Nation

    29 October 2012 ( #The Rainbow Nation )

    Our first sequence, which we've just finished, was entitled "The Rainbow Nation" and it dealt with South Africa and Apartheid. Here is the cartoon we've commented on to start our sequence.

  • Our new blog

    29 October 2012 ( #Welcome )

    Here is our new blog, created and updated by a group of students from the highschool Les Andaines who are specializing in English for their "Baccalauréat" (A-levels). You shall soon be able to view the documents we've studied over our first sequence.


    18 November 2012 ( #The great Australian silence )

    This week we finished our first sequence "The rainbow nation" and started the next one. On Monday we did our "Final Task" on this sequence and introduced the new sequence about Australia; while we were doing our report about Apartheid in turns, the rest...

  • India on the move

    04 February 2013 ( #India on the move )

    This week we debated on which document was the most interesting document in the sequence on Australia and how this document related to the question of "spaces and exchanges". We also started the new sequence "India on the move" by analyzing a picture...

  • Enriching your vocabulary ...

    28 January 2013 ( #Final Exam )

    Here is a list of adjectives you can use to avoid repeating "good", "bad", "important" and "interesting" on your final oral exam. - VOCABULARY FINAL EXAM.odt

  • The Great Australian Silence - Final Task

    28 January 2013 ( #The Great Australian Silence )

    Here is the grid for your final task; Good luck! - S2 the great australian silence TF2.odt

  • Aboriginals and today's Australia

    28 January 2013 ( #The Great Australian Silence )

    This week, we corrected the webquest on the "Freedom Ride" and the situation of Aboriginals today. First, we learned a lot of things about Charles Perkins. He was an Aboriginal activist and also a football player. He played for the famous Manchester United...

  • Step 2 - South Africa under Apartheid

    29 October 2012 ( #The Rainbow Nation )

    Over our following sessions, which were the most important of our sequence, we spent some time studying South Africa under the Apartheid regime. First we worked on a few pictures and some figures from the Apartheid era. All of these documents shockingly...

  • Changing India

    17 February 2013 ( #India on the move )

    This week we continued our sequence about India.. On Monday we summed up the information we gathered from the webquest on India before our test We said that India is a republic, it is the second most populated country after China (more than one million...