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Today's South Africa

Over our last sessions on South Africa, we watched and studied the South African national anthem video and then had a look at various documents on South Africa now.

The first one was composed of two pictures of the same beach, one of the pictures had been taken over the Apartheid years and the other was fairly recent. Whereas in the first one, there is an Apartheid sign and only a white man is going surfing, in the second one both black and white people are having a swim.

However, the second document, composed of 2006 figures, revealed that unemployment rates were still a lot higher for coloured people than white people and the last document, a cartoon on the 2010 football worldcup, pointed out the fact that there may still have been a lot more black homeless people in the streets than the government admitted.

Here is the video of the South African national anthem with the South African flag in the background.

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