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"Away from Home"

This week we continued to work on Australia.

On Monday, we started to work on a text about our sequence : "Away from home" . The text is an extract from a novel by Doris Pilkington which name is Rabbit-Proof Fence. We found out that the writer is an Aborigine who went to a settlement with her mother when she was a child. We spoke about where the story and we realized that in this excerpt Doris Pilkington tells us her family's story. This text is a good way to understand the situation of Aborigines in Australia. We'll finish working on the text next week.

On Thursday, the class was separated into two groups: some of us trained for our oral exam and the others were with our assistant and worked on a poem.

On Friday, we spoke about a piece of news which took place in Australia where girls who were singing a French song on a bus were lynched by Australians. Then we spoke about the history of Australia and we made the test on the first step of our sequence, that is the introduction to Australian history.

For next Monday, we have to finish highlighting information about the setting and education in the text and we have to describe a picture.

Here is the painting you have to describe for Monday.

Here is the painting you have to describe for Monday.

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