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the great australian silence

The Great Australian Silence - Final Task

Here is the grid for your final task; Good luck! - S2 the great australian silence TF2.odt

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Aboriginals and today's Australia

This week, we corrected the webquest on the "Freedom Ride" and the situation of Aboriginals today. First, we learned a lot of things about Charles Perkins. He was an Aboriginal activist and also a football player. He played for the famous Manchester United...

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The Stolen Generation Children

This week, we've listened to the presentations everyone had prepared on the "Stolen Generation" children and made notes (cf links). These presentations helped us understand how traumatic their experiences were and how deeply these children were bound...

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The Stolen Generation

This week we've only met on Thursday and Friday since our teacher was absent on Monday. On Thursday, we spent half on hour with our assistant working on a poem and half an hour with our teacher correcting our tests on Australian history. On Friday, we...

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"Away from home" (2)

This week, we've only met on Monday and Thursday as we went to Caen on Friday to get some information for our studies. On Monday, we commented on a painting of the first fleet which particularly emphasizes the invasion of the British and one might even...

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"Away from Home"

This week we continued to work on Australia. On Monday, we started to work on a text about our sequence : "Away from home" . The text is an extract from a novel by Doris Pilkington which name is Rabbit-Proof Fence. We found out that the writer is an Aborigine...

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The Dreaming and the first fleet

This week we worked on Australia. On Monday we corrected the webquest about the "Dreaming" and the history of Australia between 1770 and 1970. The "Dreaming" is the period of the creation of the Australian continent. Then we continued to watch the documentary's...

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This week we finished our first sequence "The rainbow nation" and started the next one. On Monday we did our "Final Task" on this sequence and introduced the new sequence about Australia; while we were doing our report about Apartheid in turns, the rest...

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