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Step 1 - Introduction to South Africa

Over our first sessions, we did various activities to try and learn as much as possible on the history of South Africa.

First, we worked on a map of the African continent and we were surprised to find out that there were so many Commonwealth countries (ie former English colonies) there.

Then we did a quiz on the general history of South Africa. Among over things, we discovered that 25 million Africans were sold into slavery in the Americas from 1500 to 1850, that in the late 15th century, Portuguese navigators purchased slaves and agricultural produce from coastal middlemen in Nigeria and that the slaves had been captured further inland by African middlemen themselves.

After that, we went online to complete a webquest based on an interactive quiz. The webquest helped us find out information about the most important events in the history of South Africa and also about some of the countries' customs and issues. This webquest eventually enabled us to create a timeline on South African history.

Here is the webquest worksheet...

...and the webquest worksheet once filled in!

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obat wasir 05/14/2015 16:43

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